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Custom Curriculum Creation and Copyright

Great Webinar Opportunity!


Presented by Chloe Duchesne, Education Services Coordinator, Copyright Clearance Center;
and Chris Posa, Marketing Director K-12, XanEdu Publishing, Inc.
July 22, 2020 — 3:00pm Eastern Time
Easy access to information along with the increased use of OERs (Open Educational Resources) have been instrumental to the exponential growth of curriculum leaders creating their own classroom materials. But creating, curating, and delivering the various types of content presents a number of challenges including one often overlooked yet important aspect: copyright law.
Most curriculum leaders aren’t familiar with the copyright protections of the materials they compile or the circumstances in which their use is allowed. That can lead to inadvertent violations, which not only jeopardize the curricula built upon them, but in some cases can also have legal ramifications. The good news is this risk can be easily averted with a cursory understanding of U.S. copyright law and the implications of using and sharing copyrighted information in the classroom.
In this edWebinar, attendees will learn how to avoid potential infringement as they develop curriculum materials and:
  • Be introduced to the purpose and basics of copyright
  • Gain an understanding of “Exclusive Rights”
  • Get clarification on how “Public Domain” applies to certain materials/works
Attendees will also receive a new whitepaper that spotlights the work districts are doing to pursue custom content creation and curation. It explores why those districts are venturing into what has historically been uncharted territory and how they are addressing the challenges they find there.
This edWebinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, superintendents, assistant superintendents, curriculum directors and coordinators (cross-subject and subject-aligned). There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation. Learn more.


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