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Best Hero of the Day ~ Wylie and Abilene ISD High School Robotics

                                                                                                        Students from Abilene, Wylie, and ATEMS High Schools are using their time productively during school closure. They are working collaboratively to build a robot for service at local Abilene hospital, Hendrick Hospital. The robot will help hospital staff to keep a safe distance by rolling in and out of hospital rooms. 

Community and Business partnerships leverage the project. Tiger Manufacturing, a local manufacturing company is providing covers for the robot. “The cover we build allows them to cover [the wiring], and so when they’re sanitizing it going from room to room, that allows them to sanitize it completely, smoothly and less contamination going from one person to the next,” Tiger Manufacturing Service Parts and Sales manager Troy Miller.

According to Wylie High School engineering and science teacher Andy Hope, “We just got them all together and started working, and seeing them work it’s the best feeling you can have as a teacher. Seeing them take the stuff they learn in the classroom and apply into real life.”






UPDATE: March 25: This story featured online at this link



Celebrate More Heroes of the Day


Warmup Prompts Week of May 5

Let’s Celebrate Robots this week:

1. If you were a robot, and I knew but you didn’t, would you want me to tell you?

2. Guess in what year the word “robotics” was first used and give a reason for your prediction.

3. Read the the Three Laws of Robotics. Which one is unnecessary and why?

4. Was your prediction yesterday correct? Go here and find out! Are you surprised at the answer?

5. Read and finish the dialogue below (click on “More”) Add a line each for Wolowitz and Sheldon.

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