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Customize Lessons from TED or YouTube videos

The folks at TED talks recently launched TED-Ed to serve the mission “of capturing and amplifying the voice of the world’s greatest teachers.” more In addition to developing a library of instructional videos, they’ve just added a free set of tools that allow teachers to create customized lessons from existing videos on TED, YouTube or YouTube for Schools.

Click here to read the short, simple post at Peter Pappas’ blog


Free PDF Tools

Web 2.0 technologies have provide all of us the ability to access free, awesome tools to interact with creating documents in pdf format. We can now annotate, highlight, customize text font, add colours, add hyperlinks and many more, things which were until recently impossible to do on PDFs.

Click here to see a hotlist of free pdf tools for educators and their friends


This week in PBS In Education

Whether on the track, in the pool, or in the classroom,
every champion needs a great teacher.
This week, PBS In Education serves up a collection
of athletic-focused resources to help you prep your
champions for success.

Digital Resources

How does exercise impact the human body?
Does sneaker design affect athletic performance?
What does data analysis have to do with running
a relay race? Explore the answers to these questions
with PBS LearningMedia:

How the Body Responds to Exercise, Grades 6-12
Meet a group of runners preparing for a marathon
and learn what effect their running has on the
cardiovascular system.

Easy-Fit Design, Grades 3-12 What question did
Chi-An Wang try to answer on her quest to build
a better shoe for triathletes?

Tae Kwon Do, Grades 4-6 Join young black belts
Kha and Peta as they examine how to refine their
Tae Kwon Do kicks.

Kid Inventor: The Collapsible Lacrosse Stick,
Grades K-8
See how one kid inventor responds to
the inconvenience of carrying a long lacrosse
stick on the bus.

Team Motherboard’s Cyber Olympic Strategy,
Grades 3-5

Find out how the Cyberchase team uses data to
inform their relay race strategy.

Bats & Books, Grades 4-9 Hear author Jerry Spinelli
(Maniac Magee) explain why sports and books
shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Professional Development

TECH330: Communicate and Collaborate Online –
Grades K-12
Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog

Learn about today’s student and technologies! Explore
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites, discussion boards, and videoconferencing in this TECH course from PBS TeacherLine.

MATH250: Understanding Numbers and Operations:
Addition and Subtraction in Grades PreK-3

Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog

Learn to teach mental arithmetic to enhance your students’
understanding of addition and subtraction – a
nd develop your understanding of computational
strategies in this course from PBS TeacherLine.

MATH455: Seeing Math™: Data Analysis –
Grades 6-12
Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog
What do the measures of central tendency
(mean, median, and mode) tell you about the data?
Teach your students how to look beyond calculations
and help them to perform higher-order statistical
thinking with this course from PBS TeacherLine.

Fall Term I Begins September 19 Fall Term II
Begins October 24

New & Noteworthy

Looking for a Summer Read?
Explore this sport-themed booklist from Reading Rockets!
Delve into poetry, photos, illustrations, and real-life
stories about running, sailing, and baseball.
For children age 1-9.

Dinosaur Train Geocaching The Jim Henson Company
has enlisted the help of PBS stations, museums,
zoos, and aquariums nationwide to hide Dinosaur Train themed geocaches! Click here to get started on your next adventure.


This week’s Teaching and Learning Weekly

This week’s addition of Teaching and Learning Weekly is out.

Teaching and Learning Weekly is an online newspaper that collects together the week’s news relating to teaching and learning – particularly for those interested in finding resources and inspirational stories about education.

See it on my ScoopIt page: http://www.scoop.it/t/thinking-learning-and-laughing/curate



10 Wow-Factor Free Video Editing Tools for Teachers

Video editing skill is just as important as the audio editing skill we talked about in the previous post. The 21st century teacher should be able to create his own video clips and edit the ones he finds online if need be and share them with his students. Several educators think wrongly that such a skill requires an advanced technology knowledge while the truth is there are many web tools that facilitates this job and makes it as easy as writing an email.

This article has compiled a list of some awesome video editing tools for teachers. These tools are very simple to use and free of charge. Check out the list and share it with your colleagues. Using these tools you will be able to add effects, crop, add subtitles, mix and many more.

Click here to read more and see the listing


Just what is a Flipped Classroom and Why Should I Care?

Great teachers are always exploring new strategies to improve teaching and learning.

Flipped Classrooms is a Learning Trend addressing instructional time, classroom activities, and how both are allocated.

The article post titled, “Flipped or flattened classroom?” illustrates the Flipped Classroom extrememly well, including resources.

Six Reasons Why PBL is Applicable in a Flipped Classroom” is a blog article that gives tips for transitioning our current Problem-Based Learning units into Flipped learning experiences.


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Tech BFF: Summer Website Visiting List: SlideSpeech

BFF is an acronym for “Best Friend Forever.” These websites and tips are so good that they will become your technology BFFs!

This summer, in addition to my page-to-page book Summer Reading List, I created a Summer Website Visiting List.
One of the websites on my Summer Website Visiting List is SlideSpeech. SlideSpeech is a free service that takes any powerpoint presentation and creates a video by reading the speaker notes in your own presentation using the latest text-to-speech technology, then saving it as a linkable location. There is no downloading needed, which makes it portable to use from any machine.
Best viewed with the Firefox Browser, SlideSpeech videos are great for my converting my content powerpoints to narrated videos, without having to manually add recording, timings, and my gravely voice that seems to cause others to think I have chronic bronchitis.
I made a little sample introducing my current online course, if you would like to see:

A Introduction to our Course from SlideSpeech
SlideSpeech: http://slidespeech.com/


Questions in the Classroom

a good teacher asks questions

Great books on questioning techniques:

Why Are School Buses Always Yellow?: Teaching for Inquiry, PreK-5  by John Barell
My Review of this book

Problem-Based Learning: An Inquiry Approach by John Barell


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