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EdWeb Webinar How Schools Are Using iPads to Increase Learning

EdWeb Webinar: How Schools Are Using iPads to Increase Learning: Three Case Studies

Presenters: David Vinca, Founder of eSpark and Colleen Loftus, Teacher and School Partnership Leader for eSpark

Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 4pm ET

Want to make your classroom more individualized, efficient, and fun? In our community’s next free webinar, David Vinca, Founder of eSpark Learning, and his colleague Colleen Loftus, will show you how three schools revitalized learning with successful iPad implementations.

They’ll begin with Mineola SD in New York, and discuss the value of letting students take home devices. David and Colleen will share how iPads can be used to increase hands-on, individualized learning and raise achievement levels on assessments, just like this New York school district did. Next, they will explore the unique ways that iPads can improve opportunities for Special Education populations. We’ll see how the KIPP charter school network in Chicago used iPads to improve learning outcomes of their special education students. Their final case study will show how the Utica School District re-imagined kindergarten. Hear all about this innovative program, including the efficient way the iPad hardware was deployed in this Michigan district.

Join David and Colleen on August 9th for ideas on how to use iPads to invigorate your classrooms.


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