Back-to-School Tech Spring Cleaning


Hazel the MaidThe closest I get to becoming “the doctor is in” is to listen to calls, read emails, offer tissues in F2F to those who have “forgotten” (neglected) “meant to” (neglected), and “thought our IT guys did it” (the blame version of neglected) to back up their

Files, Class Notes, Lesson Plans, Bookmarks/Favorites, MP3 songs, iTunes songs , iTunes media , iPod songs, Blog Entries, Webpage files, Pictures, Email (don’t fall for the ‘AutoArchive’ scam) Recipes (?) (I know but I am trying to be inclusive), TAX records/ spreadsheets, IRS hatemail.

What else have I forgotten?

Windows, Apple’s Time Capsule , Anti-Virus programs all have have automatic backups and Time Capsule has a way to back-up wirelessly.

My favorite backup is the portable hard drive, a zillionGB model will run less than $100.

There are also some swell online tools for this purpose: Data Deposit Box, IDrive, and even tiny thumb drives.

The cost is  less than a session on the psych couch (although, it you are a fan of  the old “In Treatment” series, the price may be well worth it to spend an hour with Gabriel Byrne)

Anywho, please put on your weekend “TOO-DO” list or “Honey-DO” list to back up ALL your files. Please,

Pretty please with a post-it on top. 🙂

*****P.S. Students also need to backup their work, files, etc… but in the end they are young and will recover from the “shock and jaw”-dropping.

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