Back to School~ Job Applications for Classroom Jobs



I wrote a post last week asking for advice, ideas, quotes, and best wishes for my daughter who begins her first year of teaching next Monday. I have really appreciated the responses and learned from them.

One veteran teacher and friend sent a link for practical suggestions for many beginning activities setting up classroom jobs.  Students request classroom jobs using a job application. This is a great idea for building a community spirit within your classroom and teaching real-world job application skils.  Click here to read more

You no doubt have your list of Classroom Helper Jobs.

Here is a partial list of some of the classroom jobs I assigned to students:

1.) Greeter(s)  (1-2 students stood with me at the door and handled extra books/coats/projects/requests) This is best assigned first to someone who usually arrives early to class.

2.) Technology Assistant (1-2 students who checked that the computer, whiteboard, and printer were turned-on, dusted and the paper was filled with paper).

3.) Writer,  Make-up Calendar (1 student who filled in the highlights of the days’ assignments in our make-up calendar.)

4.) Tutor (1-2 students who were available to inform an absent student about what he/she missed)

5.) Lunch ticket counter

6.) Supply Monitor (1-2 students to place the days’ supplies-books, art supplies, maps, worksheets, websites addresses out and ready)

7.) Publicity (one student to use the classroom disposable camera to snap “the learning moment”) I liked using disposable cameras for this job because I could control when the pictures were developed and when/if the were distributed.

8.) Graphic Artist-Bulletin Board (1-2 students to plan and design one bulletin board and keep it updated)

9.) Receptionist (1 student to answer the phone in the classroom. A sample telephone script was written on a card near the phone for students to say.)

10.) Collections Agent (1-2 students to collect papers, projects, printouts from students and deposit them in designated areas in our room)

What jobs would you add to this list?