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PBS Professional Development

Do you ever wish you could observe how other teachers teach? Now you can – with PBS Learning Media’s collection of professional development videos! This month, we invite you to sit in on teachers as they engage their students in an exploration of words and meaning. (Click here to Sign up Today!)

Pick up techniques to help your students build vocabulary and reading comprehension using these bite-sized professional development videos from PBS LearningMedia:

Thunder Cake, Grades K-2, 13+
See how this teacher introduces new vocabulary using the “Text Talk” framework during a read-aloud with her kindergarten class.

Literature Circle, Grades 3-5, 13+
Step into the center of a literature circle and observe how students engage with text and with one another.

Support for an ELL Student, Grades K-2, 13+
Observe the techniques this teacher uses to help her English Language Learner strengthen his vocabulary comprehension.

Book Reading and Learning from Context, Grades PreK-2, 13+
Notice how this teacher uses the context of a story to help her students uncover the meaning of new words.

Concept of Definition Chart, Grades PreK-5, 13+
Consider how the use of a chart informs the dialogue between teacher and student.

Direct Instruction, Grades K-5, 13+
See the “making text-to-self connections” strategy in play and consider the value to young readers.

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