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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ July 24

“The word ‘technology’ gets put out there as if computers and technology are synonymous. Whereas, a different technology in my classroom might be handing out whiteboards and giving students erasable pens. That’s a tremendous technology, because it engages them. I see the results. I can check for understanding. And, in part, the students can see each other responding. That’s the big piece missing from distance learning. I’ve heard it said that we’re using a system that’s 100 years old, putting a bunch of students in a classroom,” Sampson added. “And yes, of course that’s true. But once it’s taken away, we realize what an advantage that was.” ~ Paul Sampson, Middle School Spanish teacher in Scotts Valley, California. 

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, S (June 2, 2020). It Was a Bumpy Ride, But Virtual Schooling During the Coronavirus Boosted Teachers’ Tech Skills- COVID-19 forced educators to master new technologies faster than ever. Edweek.  Retrieved from https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2020/06/03/it-was-a-bumpy-ride-but-virtual.html?




Back-to-School Tech Spring Cleaning


Hazel the MaidThe closest I get to becoming “the doctor is in” is to listen to calls, read emails, offer tissues in F2F to those who have “forgotten” (neglected) “meant to” (neglected), and “thought our IT guys did it” (the blame version of neglected) to back up their

Files, Class Notes, Lesson Plans, Bookmarks/Favorites, MP3 songs, iTunes songs , iTunes media , iPod songs, Blog Entries, Webpage files, Pictures, Email (don’t fall for the ‘AutoArchive’ scam) Recipes (?) (I know but I am trying to be inclusive), TAX records/ spreadsheets, IRS hatemail.

What else have I forgotten?

Windows, Apple’s Time Capsule , Anti-Virus programs all have have automatic backups and Time Capsule has a way to back-up wirelessly.

My favorite backup is the portable hard drive, a zillionGB model will run less than $100.

There are also some swell online tools for this purpose: Data Deposit Box, IDrive, and even tiny thumb drives.

The cost is  less than a session on the psych couch (although, it you are a fan of  the old “In Treatment” series, the price may be well worth it to spend an hour with Gabriel Byrne)

Anywho, please put on your weekend “TOO-DO” list or “Honey-DO” list to back up ALL your files. Please,

Pretty please with a post-it on top. 🙂

*****P.S. Students also need to backup their work, files, etc… but in the end they are young and will recover from the “shock and jaw”-dropping.

Image Source: http://i1.iofferphoto.com/img/item/358/441/11/hazel.jpg


Tuesday Tidbit

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Tech BFFs: PBS Peer Connection

BFF is an acronym for “Best Friend Forever.” These websites and tips are so good that they will become your technology BFFs!

What is the best, most concise, yet comprehensive database for educational classroom resources? That would be Peer Connection from PBS. You should really give this resource a look.

Peer Connection: PBS Peer Connection has a hugh database of resources, coaching modules, discussion boards, and videos for teachers and the students they serve.
Sign up for the free 30-day trial. You will find yourself making this your “go-to” website.

School licenses are extremely affordable.


Digital Nation–Appointment Watching

A truly insightful program you can watch online–> Digital Nation



Shortcuts to Better Google Results

1. To define a word, type “define:word”  in the Search box

Example: define:effete

2. To perform calculations, enter equation into Search box.

Example: 78 x .15

3. To convert measurements, type “cups in a liter” into the Search box

4. To see currency conversions, type “15 dollars in euros” into the Search box

5. To narrow information, use hyphens as minus signs or pulse signs

Example: geometry + Jeopardy  OR   jaguar- cars – football

6. To find specific file types, type subject in Search box, go into results, choose  Advanced Search and in the middle of the screen, choose the filetype you would  like to use.

7. To find a verbatim phrase, use quotation marks around Search terms

Example: “constructivist education”


Technology Words Digital Word Wall















processor (micro-)


hard disk/hard drive




RAM vs. Hard Disk






















disk drive



Source: TekMom’s Technology Buzzwords, http://www.tekmom.com/buzzwords/


Popular New Year’s Resolutions

Website–> Popular New Year’s Resolutions

Top Ten Techie-Infused Classroom Activities Using This Website:

1.) Read and Analyze the data from the New Year’s Resolution website. Demostrate what you know by writing one sentence of what you learned. (Easy)
2.)Create a Table in a Word Document tallying each type of resolution. (Easy)
3.) 1.) Create a Table in a Word Document tallying each type of resolution and the number of people who espouse it. (Intermediate)
4.) Display the type of resolution website data in an Excel Spreadsheet. (Beginner)
5.) Print your Table or Spreadsheet created in one of the previous steps. During lunch survey other students and/or faculaty and/or family members to see which resolution they also made. Write down the responses (be sure to include yourself!) (Intermediate)
6.) Print your Table or Spreadsheet created in one of the previous steps. During lunch survey other students and/or faculty and/or family members to see which resolution they also made. Write down the responses (be sure to include yourself!)
7.) Next add the data to your table or spreadsheet. (Intermediate)
8.) Create a hand-drawn graph or chart to display your survey results. (Intermediate)
9.) In Excel, use ChartWizard to digitally create a chart and embed it into the spreadsheet file. Save and Print.
10.) Distinguish between students/family/faculty data. Represent the different responses in a Venn Diagram. Be sure to include a caption.


Tech BFF: Where Words ExtEnd

BFF is an acronym for “Best Friend Forever.” These websites and tips are so good that they will become your technology BFFs!

Where Words ExtEnd  

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty, author

Visuals communicate concepts where words end. Words invite students to express a concept, topic, word, or phrase through pictures opens a door to another form of expression. Students also gain ownership when their photos become an online gallery.

Cataloging and managing the photos that students submit, can be daunting unless you access help online.

Explore two free sites that will help: Kodak Gallery  and   Flickr
Note: 2012: Kodak Gallery has now merged with Shutterfly.

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine, photographer

Use both sites or either site (depending on your objective and your school’s filter) to set up a class account for students to upload their pictures. Within your main account, each student (or student teams) may create their own “album” (at Kodak) or “set” (at Flick’r). You can monitor their uploads before making them “public.” (Note: Please keep privacy and your school’s AUP guidelines in mind when using student photos.)

Here is an example from Kodak and an example from Flickr

Kodak also has a store to transform photos into objects for gifts, fundraisers, or mementos. Kodak has a great new embedded slideshow tool that lets you create an online slideshow with all sorts of cool tools.

Here is a show I made in about 3 minutes http://teague.tumblr.com/

All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget. ~John Berger, storyteller and artist

We have great ideas for integrated pictorials across all curriculum topics.
Click here for more information or send me an email.

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