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Happy National Teacher’s Day! May 8

Have you ever had a teacher who inspired you, challenged you, or even changed the course of your life? Today is the day to show your appreciation for all the remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to teaching. Send a free Teacher Day eCardto express your thanks and appreciation!

In 1944, an Arkansas teacher named Mattye Whyte Woodridge began a campaign to establish a national day that would honor teachers. Woodridge wrote letters to politicians, education leaders, and eventually the first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1953, Mrs. Roosevelt convinced Congress to proclaim the first National Teacher Day.

Remember your teachers everyday! Thank one today!


May Spotlight Website

Common Core State Standards:
Building on the excellent foundation of standards states have laid, the
Common Core State Standards are the first step in providing our young people
with a high-quality education. It should be clear to every student, parent, and
teacher what the standards of success are in every school.

See Other Resources from the OOPS: Our Overnight Planning System webpage


Two Simply Smashing Titantic resources.

Since April 15th is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of
the Titanic, I thought I would include a couple of resources that
students from Grades 3-12 have enjoyed. These two resources have
across-the-curriculum appeal.

Titanic with Len Goodman:
In the first program of the series, Len Goodman (one of the judges from
Dancing with the Stars)  discovers how Titanic claimed the lives of
eight men in Belfast before she even touched the water. He tries his
hand at riveting, experiencing first-hand the blood and sweat that went
into building a ship a century ago. Len also explores the story of the
Titanic band. It’s one of the best known stories from the ship, but few
will have heard how the death of one of the musicians tore his family
apart for one hundred years.  Link for Partial video: http://youtu.be/fy29p47muWE

What the Moon Looked Like on the Night the Iceberg Hit Titanic: a perfect lesson in inference.
Link: http://www.briancasey.org/artifacts/astro/moon.cgi          Type in April 14, 1912


Tech BFF~Healthy Recipes for Kids

Healthy Recipes for Kids

“If you’re hungry, grab your apron and get cooking! Making food yourself – with a
little help from a parent – is a great way to learn about food and meal preparation.
And we have plenty of recipes for you to try – from pizza to pancakes!”


Figurative Language Explained


Alternatives to Homework


Children Inspire Design

Did you know if you sign up for Children Inspire Design’s Newsletter you get a gorgeous & FREE art print on the 1st of every month?
What a great idea!

Children Inspire Design is a product line of modern, eco-friendly and culturally diverse wall art, wall cards and posters, full of whimsy, and designed to help children learn compassion for our earth and all who inhabit it.  Artist, mother and social entrepreneur, Rebecca Peragine, has combined her passion for global design with her desire to inspire children to celebrate eco-consciousness and the beauty of different world cultures. They are also have a page on Facebook.


8-Great Pinterest Ideas I have not seen in any articles

If you have not heard of Pinterest it is picture curation social hub that has everything you never knew you always wanted to know about anything! It’s kinda like fantasy football for me! You “pin” pictures from the web or from your computer and organize them in segments called boards. It is still invite only, so email me if you would like a faster track to the invitation process.


a few of my Pinterest Boards

A few of my Pinterest Boards


Unfortunately, I must confess that during the holidays I became addicted to Pinterest. I think the official term is that I became a Pinterestible Pinner! My favorite idea is to create a board with pictures to use for writing prompts. I used to lug around portfolios full of writing prompt pictures —this is so much easier on my backpack. Here is a good board with ideas for writing prompts, scroll down for one interesting pin on inference: http://pinterest.com/selsmith479/writing-picture-prompts/

8 great ideas on using Pinterest that I have not seen in any articles:

  1. Make sure that the board link you find at home will work on your school/classroom machine. School filters can be tricky.
  2. If students will be using/accessing a board in independent work, just Bookmark/Favorite just the board link on their machines, not the entire Pinner’s gallery. And please remember to have a Plan B/Backup plan as Pinterest access sometimes is hiccuppy.
  3. For easier access, create a separate Folder to hold your Pin resources on your computer and/or lab computers
  4. If you use the embed code provided for individual pins, be sure to check the picture sizing first. And for Moodle users, be sure to add the close page element < /p > at the end of the coding so your whole Moodle page doesn’t go all wonkified.
  5. Also for Moodle users, the original pinners’ board is embedded into the coding so please check the origins of the board in case of inappropriate content. Pinterest says that they monitor inappropriate content but a click of prevention…     Another option is to create your own boards and then the link code will reflect your content. (Again, if you would like to speed up the invite process, email me.)
  6. When setting up your account, remember that some school email accounts will block messages from third parties such as Pinterest. You may want to set up a specific email account specifically to use for online adventures. And, set up a separate folder for your Pinterest correspondence in your email account. This will help enormously with organization.
  7. If you have a website or blog, include it in your Profile to share your other non-Pinterest ideas
  8. If you are open to idea contributions for your board, add the email address you created in #6 to  the description line of your boards. Something along the lines of “Email me at _____ if you would like to contribute a pin. Please include ____________(pin board name) in your subject line.”


Share the Love….if you see a board/pin that you like, leave a comment for the teacher curator. Compliments are as rare these days as dollar-a-gallon gasoline…

Happy Pinning!

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Walter McKenzie: We are in the Human Potential Business

So appreciate this article by Walter McKenzie:

We are in education. We aren’t in the happiness business or the customer service business or the product development business. We’re in the human potential business. We are so NOT one-size-fits-all, standardized assembly-line, profit-driven bottom line, nine-to-five clock punchers. ~Walter McKenzie

Check out
Walter’s blog archive: http://surfaquarium.com/blog.htm
Mirror site: http://surfaquarium.blogspot.com/


B.B. King on Learning

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