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TCEA Presentation: STEM & Flipped Classrooms Go Global & Mobile

TCEA Convention Evidence-Based Practice/Research Session

Title: STEM & Flipped Classrooms Go Global & Mobile
Date/Time: February 8, 2017, 10:30am – 11:30am
Location: Room 19B
Format: 50-minute Presentation, we will be live tweeting during the presentation — #tceapepperdine2017



Math is a language without geographic borders. Follow the progress of an ongoing digital maker project in the US and Africa which uses teacher and student-created videos to express mathematical and scientific structure. This NSF-supported project profoundly affects social justice for all learners and has application to your school, too.


TCEA Convention Has A Mobile App

The TCEA 2017 Convention is in full-go-to mode! And, as they say, there is an app for that!

Get the TCEA 2017 mobile app is now available.

Download the official TCEA mobile app to access session descriptions, speaker information, exhibitors, and more. The new and improved 2017 app will help you get the most of your convention experience.

  • Browse exhibitors, mark your favorites, find specific booths, and take notes.
  • Interactively add sessions from the app to your custom app schedule, and then sync across your devices.
  • Stay up-to-date with real time alerts.
  • Follow the social media buzz; even tweet from the app – #tcea17.
  • Browse local Austin restaurants, attractions, and reference helpful travel information.


And be sure to stop by our session tomorrow!

Title: STEM & Flipped Classrooms Go Global & Mobile
Date/Time: February 8, 2017, 10:30am – 11:30am
Location: Room 19B
Format: 50-minute Presentation, we will be live tweeting during the presentation — #tceapepperdine2017


Apps chart by subject matter

Huge techie kudos to friends at TCEA for their spreadsheet of  apps for the classroom by subject matter

Click on the link above or here to find apps for grades K-12.

tcea app chart

TCEA stands for Texas Computer Educator’s Association. It is a member-based organization devoted to the use of technology in education.


iPad Apps by Subject Area

The most comprehensive list of iPad Apps by Subject Area I’ve seen.
It is arranged in a lovely grid format (which is my personal fave), organized by subject and grade level.

Thanks insightful innovators at TCEA!


TCEA iPad apps


TCEA Teachers Soar as Squids!

“Squid” is the affectionate name for authors of Squidoo pages and that is just what Linda, Pam, Jennifer, Stephanie, Angie, Melissa, Ruth, Pam, Liu, and Barbara became in our “Squidoo for You” session at TCEA. See their great work and leave them an encouraging comment in the Guestbook: http://www.squidoo.com/tcea


P.S. Kicking yourself for missing out on the TCEA session? See 2-7-08’s post below and/and this link: http://www.squidoo.com/building-squidoo


Welcome Techies to TCEA! Glad you are here!

Glad you made it to beautiful Austin for either the “Kudos, Techies…” session or the “Squidoo” session. Please feel free to click around, investigate, try some of the tips and tricks listed here, leave comments, and return often!

We at OOPS: Our Overnight Planning System appreciate your willingness to serve in our classrooms!

Happy Teaching!


10 Tech Tricks You Are Already Doing: Part 2

# 6 You are utilizing a “Plan B” when technology goes down. “Plan B” means: archiving websites, saving online movies to your hard drive or other storage device, and having lesson options available in offline format.

# 7 You are keeping up with computer maintenance through player plug-in updates, virus software updates, weekly virus software scans, avoiding extra toolbars, screensaver, widget downloads, and performing monthly defrags.

# 8  You are using MS Office and/or Star Office modules as a lesson warm-up,  as an application of content exercise, and as a method for students to create digital products.

# 9 You are finding what you need in internet searches, application files, and when teaching students to research by using:  the Edit Menu/Find feature.

#10 You have downloaded these Great Freebies while they are still free: MS PhotoStory,  Microsoft Reader, and Google Earth.

Link to the online game containing these tech tricks: http://www.oops.bizland.com/10tech.swf


10 Tech Tricks You Are Already Doing: Part 1

1. You invite students to demonstrate concept mastery through creating a Digital Deliverable such as a: digital product. Need new ideas for products? Click here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/oopsproductpage.htm

2. For computer classroom or lab management, you assign students to specific computers, you begin each lesson with  a Warmup activity which gives you time to troubleshoot tech challenges, and you use Learning Centers when you do not have 1:1 connectivity. Need new ideas for Warm-ups? Click here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/100days.htm. Need more iformation on Learning Centers? Click here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/May07_LearningCenter.pdf and here: http://www.oops.bizland.com/centers.htm

3. For lessons, you are teaching students to use the Insert/Comment feature in Word for checking, revising, grading, peer editing. you are showing students how to hack down URL’s for 404 sites, and teaching students to save their original file and draft revisions with their initials and “draft 1” “draft 2” etc…

4. In case of internet outage you are saving internet content in offline form for easy retrieval and archiving.

5. You are applying authentic assessment through Rubrics. Need some nifty websites to create online rubrics? Try David Warlick’s Landmark Project: http://landmark-project.com/  and Teach-nology: http://www.teach-nology.com/

Next Post: Tech Tricks #6-10

Happy Teaching!

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