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Avoiding tech "OOPS-idents" by Helen Teague


Stats: Job Satisfaction Measurement



Madjidi, F. (2006). EDET734A case study database. Personal Collection of Madjidi, Pepperdine
University, Los Angeles, CA.


Serious Tinkering

“Tinkering is, at its most basic, a process that marries play and inquiry”**…serious tinkering with a burgeoning ecosystem.

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of “Tinkering Time?”

Serious Tinkering

Inspired during a innovatively engaging session by the geniuses at Table Top Inventing http://www.ttinvent.com/


**Quote from from Exploratorium.com



Weekend Ed. Quote~September 13

“In a classical joke a child stays behind after school to ask a personal question. “Teacher, what did I learn today? ” The surprised teacher asks, “Why do you ask that?” and the child replies, “Daddy always asks me and I never know what to say”.”
~Seymour Papert,     The Children’s Machine: Rethinking School In The Age Of The Computer



“Increasingly, the computers of the very near future will be the private property of individuals, and this will gradually return to the individual the power to determine patterns of education. Education will become more of a private act, and people with good ideas, different ideas, exciting ideas will no longer be faced with a dilemma where they either have to “sell” their ideas to a conservative bureaucracy or shelve them. They will be able to offer them in an open marketplace directly to consumers. There will be new opportunities for imagination and originality. There might be a renaissance of thinking about education.”


Design Thinking Word Cloud

Design Habits of the Mind

from EDLT 762 am class discussion


Teague Builds: Tennis Court in Minecraft

Teague Minecraft Tennis Ct

I had to build it at night