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Do you have learners who have resigned mentally?


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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ July 15

“Any psychological process, whether the development of thought or voluntary behavior, is a process, whether the development of thought or voluntary behavior, is a process undergoing changes irht before one’s eyes. The development in question can be limited to only a few second, or even fractions of second. It can also last many days or even weeks. Under certain conditions, it becomes possible to trace this development.” ~Lev Vygotsky, 1978, Mind in Society, p. 61.



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Pokémon Go – Going Strong!

Pokemonn GO
Pokémon GO Surpasses 7.5 Million Downloads in 5 Days…The game surpassed an estimated 7.5 million downloads on iOS and Android in the U.S. since its launch July 7, says a spokesman for Sensor Tower. Further, Sensor Tower’s data shows that Pokémon GO is generating approximately $1.6 million in daily revenue on iOS in the U.S. (Source: SocialTimes)

Pokémon GO dominates social media; since July 6, it has been mentioned on Twitter 6.6 million times. At one point on Sunday night, 130,000 tweets about the game per minute (Source: Adweek). The huge popularity caused Nintendo’s stock to rise over 24.5 percent. The game is currently available in the U.S, Australia and New Zealand (Source: Variety).


PBS Course: Our Course Calendar

PBS TeacherLine Course: Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress

Our Course Calendar

Week 1: July 13 – 19
Week 2: July 20 – 26
Week 3: July 27 – August 2
Week 4: August 3 – August 9
Week 5: August 10 – August 16
Week 6: August 17 – August 23

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