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Participatory Partnerships 10: Promote Play!

Participatory Partnerships Tip #10: Promote Play! It’s ok to play and try out new ideas, apps, links, and processes. The greatest discoveries are the product of downtime and play!





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Participatory Partnerships 9: Seek the Targeted Source

Participatory Partnerships Tip #9: Seek and Find the Targeted Source. After meeting, listening, working with what is familiar, publishing, and celebrating success, begin to drill down to the needed targeted resources for mobile access, differentiation, reteaching, and extensions.





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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ June 30

  “I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


This thought-filled quote is courtesy of one of the dedicated learners in my PBSTeacherLine course, Developing Passionate Readers in the Digital Age.





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iPhone turns 10!


The iPhone roll-out began ten years ago in June, 2007. Here is a fun Wired post:


and a cool iPhone retrospective video: https://youtu.be/Yi9RElWqixA

Little stock fact: if “one” had purchased Apple stock in 2007, your purchase would have increased 750%, according to Cult of Mac: https://www.cultofmac.com/424259/what-a-1000-investment-in-apple-in-1996-looks-like-today/.  

What is your favorite iPhone moment or iPhone feature or moment?

My Favorite iPhone moment / feature is…  



Uptime Google app available to all iOS users

Uptime, the app that enables users to share and watch YouTube videos in real-time with each other  is no longer invite-only. Recent updates to Uptime include the additional capability to play and share music videos.

The app is free to all iOS users.


Sources: Adweek, Variety

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