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Mobile Technology in Teacher Education (MiTE) Conference January 12-14, 2017

 January 12-14, 2017 are the dates for the International Conference on Mobile Technology in Teacher Education  (MiTE) for educators from  institutions of higher education, County Offices of Education, and schools to be held in Los Angeles. The annual Winter Conference is in its third year, attracting highly skilled professionals who are interested in the integration of innovative approaches and emerging technologies into teacher education, inquiry and productivity. Enjoy poster sessions, research-based sessions, practitioner-based sessions, plenary presentations and workshops. Converse with international like-minded practitioners and change agents to develop meaningful relationships and shape the future of education.


View the Conference Schedule at this link: https://mite2017.sched.com/


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ELearn 2016 Part 2

Presenting new research from our collective paper,Online Course Facilitators Describe What Works in Learner-Centered Feedback at the  in Washington,

Our paper reflects the writing collaboration of six PBS TeacherLine course facilitators and the PBS Program Manager, Francine Wargo. The course facilitators are Helen Teague, Rose Castro, Dr. Joyce King, Victoria Lara, and John Tierney.

Here is the abstract of the paper:

Abstract: A four-point-effectiveness checklist for continued student engagement through personalized assessment feedback in online courses is described in this poster and accompanying paper. Designed for pre-service and in-service adult learners, the checklist reflects research in pedagogical practice of knowledge transfer, adult learning theory, and the TPaCK instructional framework. Data sources include the feedback artifacts of current online course facilitators, who are also the co-writers of this paper. Post-course assessment data from adult learners validates the success of these methods in both current teaching practice and subsequent professional development through participation in online courses.

Also today, online Course Facilitators from describe what works for our learners in a participatory share session, aptly titled “Effective Practices in Online Course Facilitation: Roundtable Participatory Share.”

Here is the Abstract:

Abstract: The most effective online course facilitators implement personalized messages and content that inspires, engages, and educates. The courses’ sound structural strategy ensures implementation by teacher-learners. This interactive roundtable features online educators who will share best practices and the educational effectiveness of content that allows learners to exit each course with a set of materials ready for use, vetted, and strengthened by experiential analysis and subsequent recommendations. This roundtable discussion will include video clips of online course facilitators and teacher-learners describing various aspects of their experiences while in their online courses. Teachers and teacher-learners may appear live from remote locations recounting their experiences.

. To learn more about the conference, click 



ELearn 2016 Part 1

Presenting new research from our collective paper, “Civic Participation Public Sphere Pedagogy & Blended Learning In An Intergenerational Town Hall Meeting” at the  in Washington,

Our paper reflects the writing collaboration of four generations: Chris Kyker, Dr. Charlie Pruett, Helen Teague, and Ashley Bryan. The paper addresses the sociological, interdisciplinary, and blended learning of the 2016 and 2014 Texas Silver-Haired Legislature’s Town Hall Forum. Over 220 students and Texas residents participated in the Town Hall forum.

Here is the Paper’s Abstract:

Abstract: This paper describes an Intergenerational Town Hall Meeting including six generations of participants.  This paper establishes the protocol of the Town Hall forum mediated by intergenerational, civic participation, blended learning technology and social media tools for pre-service, pre-certification students at a private, Southwestern U.S. university. A partnership between a university research center, state advocacy group, and state, county, and local community organizations provided the Public-Sphere Pedagogy of the Town Hall Meeting. Qualitative pre-event survey data and post-event reflective data was collected and analyzed. These data sources found a correlation between a Town Hall Meeting learning experience and increased awareness, empathy, engagement, and yearning toward civic participation for both students and older adults. This study’s findings are transferable to other higher education departments.

ELearn 2016 in Washington DC


E-LEARN 2016 – World Conference on E-Learning – Washington, DC – Nov. 14-16, 2016

Excited to be presenting at the E-LEARN 2016 – World Conference on E-Learning – Washington, DC – this week, November 14-16!


Click this link for conference information: https://www.aace.org/conf/elearn/



E-Learn World Conference on E-Learning

A group of PBS TeacherLine facilitators collaborated and we submitted two proposals to the E-Learn-World Conference on E-Learning. The E-Learn World Conference will be held in Washington, DC, November 14-16, 2016.

It is exciting to report that the E-Learn conference committee has accepted our paper
“Title: Online Course Facilitators Describe What Works in Learner-Centered Feedback”
Accepted as: Research/Technical Showcase

They also accepted our entry:
Title: Effective Practices in Online Course Facilitation: Roundtable Participatory Share
Accepted as: Research/Technical Showcase

Both were accepted with no modifications needed!! It is so awesome to work with such awesome writers!!!

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