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Best Hero of the Day ~ Dr. Stephen Richardson and Jim McGurran

To combat a potential availability or shortage of ventilators due to the COVID-19 pandemic calls for “MacGvyer style” engineering.

Dr. Stephen Richardson, Cardiac Anesthesiologist at the University of Minnesota and his best friend Jim McGurran, biomedical engineer redesigned a CPR machine to function as a one-arm robot ventilator.

The Cost? $150.00. Listen to their brilliance …


“This allows those patients who would otherwise not have an opportunity to survive to survive it gives people a chance and that’s what this is all about.” ~Dr. Stephen Richardson, University of Minnesota. 


Read and Learn more at this link

Video Source: U of M doctor constructs ventilators to battle COVID-19, March 23, 2020. YouTube link: https://youtu.be/gw5LPx6LCjc

Read more link source: Whooley, S., (March 23, 2020) University of Minnesota researcher touts makeshift $150 ventilator to treat coronavirus. Retrieved from https://www.massdevice.com/university-of-minnesota-researcher-touts-makeshift-150-ventilator-to-treat-coronavirus/



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Best Hero of the Day ~ Mitch and DeAnn Lurie

Mitch and DeAnn Lurie co-founded The Leather Sofa Co. in 2004. Fast-forward 16 years and the Lewisville, Texas leather furniture company, when faced with pandemic restrictions decided to retrofit their inventory of sofa fabrics into medical masks for healthcare workers.

The Leather Furniture Co.

The Lurie’s called their employees back to their factory and put them to work making the masks.

“I just felt like we needed to do something to give back,” Mitch Lurie said. “So I said, ‘OK, let’s get to work! Let’s see what we can do.'”

One employee found a pattern online to make face masks. A machine that would normally cut leather for sofas is instead mapping out the face mask pattern on black fabric and cutting it. The rest of the work is done by hand.

The factory makes 1,000 masks a day. These masks will be sent to Presbyterian Hospital’s oncology department.

Update: Joining The Leather Sofa Co. to make protective medical masks and medical equipment are Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom, Gap, and Canada Goose. Vera Bradley is switching its Indiana facility to produce masks from the fabric normally used to make handbags. Source Link




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Gardening for Academic Growth – Seneca was Right

In little rows, just like student desks, the new garden plants get used to their new surroundings. I chose varieties that would be the least likely to perish. This include geraniums, basil, parsley and chives. The basil was the one I second-guessed the most. The two professionals at the nursery were divided on basil’s ability to grow outside.

This is the first Spring Break during the lockdowns. Some of my graduate students found out with one day’s notice that after Spring Break, they are to “teach from home.” Home is an insecure concept for some teachers and their students.

Seneca on Beginnings





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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ March 27

“Today is yours to shape. Create a masterpiece!”
~Steve Maraboli






Best Hero of the Day: “The Medical Mask Force of Abilene”



Medical Masks are absolutely essential for front line health care heroes.

Effie McClendon recognized this need and wanted to help. McClendon is the founding member of “The Medical Mask Force of Abilene.” McClendon says, “we’re figuring it out together” regarding the logistics of the community effort she began. The Medical Mask Force of Abilene began less than 10 days ago!





The group, organized on Facebook, has posted a tutorial for sewing the mask on their group site.


Accurate Air Solutions in Abilene donated N95 filters. The Medical Mask Force of Abilene are organizing and contacting several businesses, the local library, university Maker Lab in Abilene, Texas to help with cutting materials, cutting, packaging, and teaching others to sew! Those who sew range in age from 8 years to, well, older than that!

Keeping social distancing in mind, the group has three drop-off stations in medical establishments.

As one group member shared, “This project is replacing my worry with love and hope!”



Update: Nordstrom Alterations Sewing more than 100,000 masks. 



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Best Hero of the Day! 3D Printing Company Materialise

Excerpt from the 3D Printing Industry blog post:

Materialise, a global provider of 3D printing services, has released files for a 3D printed hands-free door handle attachment to alleviate Coronavirus transmission via one of the most common mediums.

“Door handles are subjected to a lot of physical contact over the course of a day, especially in public spaces such as offices and hospitals. This makes them a hotspot for microbes to hitch a ride on our palms and fingertips. The 3D printable add-on allows users to carry out the lever action required to pop open most modern doors using their elbows.

The file for the door handle attachment is available to download for free. The assembly comes in two parts and will require four screws and four nuts to secure it.”

Source: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/3d-printing-community-responds-to-covid-19-and-coronavirus-resources-169143/Materialise releases hands-free door handle attachment.



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Best Hero of the Day! Lisa Moody and Blessing Table

In Mobile, Alabama Lisa Moody, her husband, and her neighbors create a blessing table in their neighborhood during the coronavirus shut-down.


Story from WKRG.com at this link: https://www.wkrg.com/top-stories/neighbors-create-blessing-table-amid-coronavirus-crisis/



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Best Hero of the Day! Bryan Morin Federico’s Pizza

Bryan Morin, who runs Federico’s, a pizza restaurant in Belmar, New Jersey took out a $50,000 personal loan to keep his employees paid during the current crisis.

Read more at this link: https://www.nj.com/opinion/2020/03/this-nj-restauranteur-took-out-a-50k-credit-line-to-pay-his-employees-during-coronavirus-crisis-buy-his-pizza.html



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Gratitude from India for Helpers

A Friend in India shared this message in a group post, “The whole of India came on their balconies/windows at 5pm today to show gratitude to the healthcare workers and everyone who has been providing us assistance in this crisis…People were clapping, whistling,ringing bells, all sorts of things for good 20 mins or more…I had goosebumps and tears rolling down the whole time…Would like to say a big Thank you to all the healthcare workers,cops,staff at grocery and pharmacy stores and everyone else who’s putting their life at stake to keep us safe,Thank you so much!”

🙏   Thank you, Neha Ahen! 

Is something similar possible in your town/neighborhood? Today would have been Mr Rogers’ 92nd birthday. I’m thinking about our neighborhoods today and those who serve to keep those neighborhoods safe. Is there a way for us to follow India’s example?




View Link: https://4oops.edublogs.org/files/2020/03/IndiaGratitudeMarch22Teague.mp4

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